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Fund Name
3CORE Fund
5th Foundation
Aaron Rodgers NorCal Fire Recovery Fund
Access Eye Healthcare Fund
Adam Gausemel Scholarship
AG Edwards Charitable Fund
Alice Brewer Fund
A Makers Fund
AmeraMex Foundation dba: Hamre Equipment
Amigos Scholarship Fund
Amma Culture
Anduril Fund
Anonymous F Fund
Anonymous-W Donor Advised Fund
Apollo Piano Foundation
Arc Endowment Fund
ARC Endowment - Non Agency
ARC Senior Endowment
ARC Senior Endowment - Non Agency
Arthur and Betty Gee Community Endowment Fund
Arts For All
As One
Association for Northern California Historical Research
BC Libraries - Biggs - Dist Acct
BC Libraries - Chico - Dist Acct
BC Libraries Designated Fund - Gen Dist Acct
BC Libraries - Durham - Dist Acct
BC Libraries - Gridley - Dist Acct
BC Libraries - Oroville - Dist Acct
BC Libraries - Paradise - Dist Acct
BCOE - Arts Education Fund
BCOE - Butte County High School Anglers
BCOE - Employee Disaster Relief Fund
BCOE - Fresh Start Youth Farm Scholarship
BCOE - Memorials Fund
BCOE - Mini-Corp Education Fund
BCOE - Special Ed Sports & Recreation
BCOE - Susan Williams Scholarship Fund
BCOE - Terri Tozier, Where Students Come First Award
Be Forever Strong Team
Be Forever Strong Team Award Fund
Belden Fund Drive For Paradise Survivors
Betty Lou Carson Memorial Fund
Biggs Festival Events
Bill Zongker Memorial Fund
BJHSF - General Fund
BJHSF John Schulz and Linda Wilbur Memorial Endowment Fund
BJHSF - Operations Fund
Boice Family Fund
Brain Injury Coalition
Bridging The Gap
Bridging the Gap for Breast Cancer
Burkett Family Charitable Fund
Business Recovery Fund
Butte Community Cancer Endowment Fund
Butte County Fire Safe Council - FAST CAMP
Butte County Historical Society Fund
Butte County Libraries - Biggs
Butte County Libraries - Chico
Butte County Libraries Designated Fund
Butte County Libraries Designated Fund Fish Memorial
Butte County Libraries - Durham
Butte County Libraries - Gridley
Butte County Libraries - Oroville
Butte County Libraries - Paradise
Butte County Office of Education Foundation
Butte County Schools Long-Term Recovery Fund
Butte County Search & Rescue
Butte County Search & Rescue Proprietary
Butte County Sustainable Communities Scholarship
Butte Strong Fund
Cal Biochar Association
Caleb Matthew Jacobs Memorial Fund
California Dream Week
California Trails Education Project
California Xi Alumni Fund
Caminar Endowment Fund
Caminar Endowment Fund - Non-Agency
Camp Fire Anniversary Remembrance Events - CARE
Camp Fire Gridley Distribution Center Fund
Camp Fire Long Term Recovery Group
Camp Fire Public Safety Family Relief Fund
Camp Fire Student Technology Support Fund
Camp Fire WISH
Camp Fire Zone Project
Cancer Care Hospital and Research Center
Caper Acres Nico Shade Sails
Caper Acres Renovation Project
Carol and Homer Lundberg Foundation
Carrie Holiman Memorial
Catalyst Endowment Fund
Catalyst Endowment Fund - Non-Agency
Celebration Foundation
Celebration Foundation Endowment Fund
CFAF - 911 Memorial Fund
CFAF - Adopt a Family Fund
CFAF - Chico Firefighters Association Foundation
CFAF - Equipment
CFAF - Ray Head Memorial Fund
CHAT - Chico Housing Action Team
Chelsea Dewit Account
Chico 911 Safety Pals
Chico American Legion Baseball Fund
Chico American Legion Baseball Fund - Non-Agency
Chico Area Swim Association
Chico Art Center
Chico Art Center Endowment
Chico Arts and Culture Foundation
Chico Beard Collective
Chico Breakfast Lions Club Memorial Scholarship
Chico Chi Center
Chico Childrens Christmas Fund
Chico Children's Endowment Fund
Chico Children's Museum
Chico Children's Ukuleles Group
Chico Chinese Temple Fund
Chico Community Observatory
Chico Community Shelter Partnership Endowment Fund
Chico Country Day School Foundation
Chico Cruz'n Classics
Chico Down Syndrome Connection
Chico Eat Learn Grow
Chico Executive Group
Chico Food For All
Chico Food Project
Chico High School Class of 1969 Scholarship Fund
Chico History Museum
Chico Oroville Associates Fire Relief Fund
Chico PD - Ryan Hyland Memorial Scholarship
Chico Police Blue Santa
Chico Police Department Animal Shelter Equipment
Chico Police Department Animal Shelter Medical
Chico Police Department Business Support Team
Chico Police Department Crime Prevention
Chico Police Department Foundation
Chico Police Department Foundation Animal Shelter
Chico Police Department Foundation - H.E.L.P
Chico Police Department K9 Unit
Chico Police Department National Night Out
Chico Police Department Social Media and Relations Team
Chico Police Department Wheelin' w/Cops
Chico Posse Foundation
Chico Posse Foundation - Emergency Response Fund
Chico Science Fair Foundation Endowment
Chico Science Fair Pass Through
ChicoSol Fund
Chico Stewardship Network
Chico Street Pastors
Chico Sunrise Rotary Recovery & Relief Fund
Chico Symphony Guild
Chico Unified School District Foundation
Chico Velo Cycling Club
Chico Women's Club
Christian Manell Souza Memorial Fund for Mental Illness Assistance
CHSF - Class of 1996
CHSF - Spirit of '96
CHSF - Staff Endowment
Chuck & Sharon Patterson Family Fund
Churg Strauss Syndrome Association
Cindy Kennedy Memorial
Circles of Justice
City of Chico - Arts
City of Chico, Bidwell Park Division
City of Chico Employee Giving Program
City of Chico Tree Fund
Clare Louise Bates Endowment Fund
Cleanrite-Buildrite Foundation
Collin Sweeney Memorial Fund
Community Connections Foundation
Community Impact Fund - The Hope Foundation
Compassionate Heart Foundation
Computers for Classrooms Endowment Fund
Connecting Point Foundation
Continue Marcy's Support of Global Dental Relief
Cootsona Family Foundation
Cornerstone Pagan Fellowship
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Rapid Response Fund for Local Nonprofits and Agencies
COVID-19 Idea Fab Labs Face Shields and Face Masks for Butte County Medical Workers
COVID-19 Local Restaurants, Local Needs Fund
CSUC Interdisciplinary Center on Aging
CSUC Interdisciplinary Center on Aging Pass Through
CSUC Interdisciplinary - Non Agency
Cubana Books Foundation
Cycle for Sjogren's
Danny Imhoff Memorial
Darcy Reynolds Memorial Scholarship Fund
David Tarter 35 Foundation
DCBA Clean and Safe Charitable Fund
Developmental Disabilities Sports Fund
DiDucca Family Fund
Disability Action Center Endowment Fund
Disability Action Center Fund
Disability Sports and Recreation Fund
Dorothy Johnson Memorial Trust
Doug and Kaylinn Hignell Charitable Fund
Doug Hignell Memorial Fund
Downtown Chico Service Industry Workers Relief Fund
Early Childhood Mental Health, Learning and Recovery Fund
Edinburgh Fund
Educate Refugees and Vulnerable Children
Edwards Family Foundation
El Rey Theater Alliance
Emil W. Stiefvater Charitable Fund
Erase the Stigma Fund
Esplanade House Children's Trust Endowment
Every 15 Minutes
Expect More Tehama
Families and Community Embraced by Schools
Families Belong Together
Feather River Senior Citizens Center Endowment
First 5 Butte County Camp Fire Fund
First Responder Fund
Florestan Society Foundation
Fostering Hope for Children
Foundation for the Study of Metabolic Bone Disorders
Fraine Jo Cox Memorial Scholarship
Friends of Comanche Creek Greenway
Friends of Comanche Creek Greenway - Maintenance Fund
Friends of Evangelical Theological Faculty
Friends of Everybody Healthy Body
Friends of Immigrants in Crisis Global Resource Fund
Friends of Paradise Football
Friends of the Blue Room
Future Public Safety Scholarship
Gene Howard Memorial Fund
Gene Howard Memorial Scholarship Endowment
George and Alice Smith Fund
George Maderos Junior Golf Champions Club
Girlfriends Scholarship
Girl Scouts of Northern California
Glenn Community First
Global Community Rising
Grant an Elderly Wish Foundation
Greater Chico Homeless Task Force Fund
Greater Chico Kiwanis Club Foundation
Greg and Sue Martin Family Fund
Gridley Friends of the Library
Grossman and Gonser - Smallfoot LLC
Grow Glenn Catalyst
Habitat for Humanity
HACE Scholarship Foundation
Hands for Healing
Harry A. Merlo Foundation Scholarship
Hawaii Audubon Society
Henri L. Flores Memorial Scholarship Fund
High Desert State Prison D Yard Book Club
Hignell Family Charitable Fund
Hignell Family Paradise Shopping Center LLC
Holbrook Charitable Fund
Hope Academy for Personalized Education
Hope House Endowment
Hope House International Advised Fund
Hope Plaza Fund
Incaudo Family Foundation
Innovative Education Fund
Inspire Support Team
Irlen Ambassadors Charitable Trust Fund
Jerry Novotny Journalism Scholarship Fund
Jesse M. Kohen Memorial Fund
Jesus Center Endowment Fund
Jesus Center Endowment Fund - Non Agency
Jewett Family Endowment
JJR Restoration dba Servpro of Chico Charitable Fund
Just Breathe and Run
Justin's Bike Fund
Kathi Theile Scholarship Fund
Ken and Sally Logan Charitable Fund
Kenneth Grossman and Kathryn Gonser Charitable Fund
Kevin Campbell Scholarship Foundation
Kevin Campbell Scholarship Foundation
Kids and Creeks
Kurt Brown Memorial Scholarship Fund
Kyle LaForce Memorial Scholarship
KZFR - Agency Endowment
KZFR Endowment Fund
Lassen Park Foundation
Leadership Initiative
League of Women Voters Butte County Endowment Fund
Lisa Argetsinger Memorial Scholarship
Little Red Hen Fund
Loma Vista Foundation
Love Chapmantown Community Foundation
Love from the Heart
Love Well Live Well
Lundberg Family Foundation
Lundberg Family Foundation - Parrish Family Fund
Lydia Schulerud Endowment Fund
Lydia Schulerud Pass Through
Lydia Schulerud Sholarship - Brooke Rogers
Maddux Scholarship Fund
Marble Family Fund
March For Our Lives Chico
March for Science - Chico
Margaret Korte Endowment
Mary Linton-Mitchell Endowment Fund
Matthew Axelson Foundation
Matt Hogan Memorial Fund
McGhee Advised Fund
Memories by Jenn Mar
Mike and Dotty Collett Animal Care Fund
Molly Sacksteder Memorial
My Fathers Purse
Never Counted Out
Never Enough Athletics
New Beginnings Scholarship Fund
Nichols Family Foundation
Northern California Counties Time Bank
Northern California Regional Land Trust
Northern California Regional Land Trust - Non-Agency
Northern California School Safety Fund
North State Symphony League - Music in Memory
North State Symphony League - Redding
North Valley Animal Disaster Group
North Valley Animal Disaster Group - Agency
North Valley Chamber Chorale
North Valley Fire Prevention Grant - Fire Pals
North Valley Food Hub
North Valley Freedom Foundation
North Valley Housing Trust
North Valley Intune Music
North Valley Music Foundation
NVCF - Harold Williams Scholarship Fund
NVCF Operating Fund
O'Neill Family Endowment Fund
Open Doors Literacy Project
Operation: Hug My Hero
Orland Police Department - K-9 Unit
Orphan Care International
Outdoor Education for All
Owen-Dunn Insurance Camp Fire Survivors Fund
Pacific Gas & Electric Community Contributions
Paradise Art Center Fund
Paradise Citizens' Alliance
Paradise Dancers Endowment
Paradise Exchange Club Grad Night
Paradise Exchange Club Music Fund
Paradise High Facilities Fund - In Memory of Andrea Lee
Paradise High School Science Fund
Paradise Police Officers Association Charitable Fund
Paradise Recreation & Park District Fund
Paradise Ridge Community Land Group Fund
Passages - Champions for Older Adults
Passages Endowment Fund
Patty Cooper Memorial Fund
Paws of Chico
Peace, Love and Pie
Peace Panel Project
Pearls of Promise
Peggy McGettrick-Kirkland Memorial
Peg Taylor Center
Peg Taylor Center Endowment
Prestopino Family Fund
Project Biggs
Project Hope
Purses for Primates
PVHS - Brett Silva Memorial Fund
PVHS Class of 99 Camp Fire Relief Fund
PVHS Foundation Operating
PVHS Foundation Viking Annual Fund
PVHS Foundation - Viking Endowment
PVHS Safe & Sober Grad Night
PVHS Sports Boosters Foundation
PVHS Theater Boosters
PVHS Walkway Project
Quail Fund
Radio Chico / Redding Radio Community Partners Foundation
Rawleigh Foundation
Reading Pals
Reading Pals Paradise
Rebuild Paradise
Respect The Walls Charitable Fund
Rising Star Foundation
Ron and Alice Reed Family Foundation
Rotary Club of Chico Sunrise Foundation
Rottschalk Family Charitable Fund
Sacramento River Preservation Trust
Safe Space Winter Shelter
Senior Nutrition Program of Colusa County
SF Invest Foundation
Shalom Free Clinic
Sharing Blessings to Others
Sierra Association of Extended Care Camp Fire Relief Fund
Six Degrees Coffee - Camp Fire Relief Fund
Sky Creek Dharma Center
Skyway House Foundation
Slater & Son Covid-19 Community Support Fund
Smallfoot Cash Fund
Soul Centered Solutions
Steve Harrison and Linda Zorn Foundation
Stewart Family Foundation
Stoimenovi Orphanage - Global Outreach
Stop Trafficking Foundation
Student Success Fund
Sugar and True Foundation
Swanson Charitable Fund
TedX Chico
Tee'd Off @ Cancer
The Alex Project
The Celebration of Life 5K Charitable Fund
The Clexa Project
The Dailey Family Foundation
The Fred and Eileen Hignell Charitable Fund
The Fred and Eileen Hignell Charitable Giving Fund
The Hignell Companies, Inc.
The Hignells Company Employee Care Fund
The Hope Foundation of Sheraton Real Estate Services Employee Care Fund
The Hope Foundation of Sheraton Real Estate & Services Endowment Fund
The Lyme Center
The Maranatha House
The Music Therapy Impact Fund
The Stream Team
The Yellow Door
Thomas C. Bowers Memorial Endowment Fund
Thomas Sprys Scholarship Fund
Tony Hobbs Memorial Fund
Tony J. Paiva Memorial Fund
Turner Construction Camp Fire Relief Fund
United Families Parents Board
Valley Contractors Exchange Camp Fire Relief Fund
Valley Contractors Exchange Endowment
Valley Contractors Exchange PTF
Veterans Garden Project
Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 582
Vincenzo Bellini Lodge #2519
Walk Woof Wag
Welcome to Paradise Sign Fund
Wendell V. Loughead Endowment
Western Miracles Foundation
Wildflower Open Classroom
Wings of Eagles
Wings of Eagles - Non-Agency
Wish Of A Lifetime
Women's Improvement Scholarship
Women's March on Washington in Chico
Women's Micro-Finance Collaborative Fund
Wondrous Women
Work Training Center Endowment - Non-Agency
WTC - Do It Leisure Endowment ED
WTC Senior Endowment ED
You Know You're From Chico
Your Vote Counts
Youth Development Fund of Chico
Youth for Change - Employee Care Fund
Youth for Change Endowment Fund
Youth Nexus Foundation
Youth Nexus Foundation - Athlete Committed